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Love this interview with DAILON. He’s an inspirational character. Love his interest in Mo-Town. This track has a nice depth and contains more sonic information then immediately audible. Really nice use of reverb creates space for all in the mix. Check out what DAILON has to say:

Where are you from?
Born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in Nashville, TN for the majority of my life. Currently living and loving in the SF bay area, after a year long stint in the front range of Colorado.

How did you start producing?
One of my buddies got Reason our senior year of HS, and then the program was traded/circulated throughout our whole group of friends. From there on out it really became a way of life for me, and something that I was convinced I needed to do… To express myself through sound… Honestly, one night in fall ‘07 I pretty much just decided that I was dropping out of school and focusing purely on music! Maybe just a funny coincidence that I happened to be on LSD that night too lol :)

Your most inspiring artist?
Hmm, I don’t think I can pick a favorite source of inspiration. I was inspired by a wide range of music leading up to my beat-making. All genres, styles, and feels. Right now I guess I’d just say that my closest beat-making homies and the soundcloud fam/network are my biggest inspirations though. I feel we all inspire each other on a big level. I’ve also been jamming a lot of motown, and 80’s pop/funk shit lately ~_~

Your favorite track that YOU yourself have made?
Haha definitely can’t pick a favorite of my own tracks… I will say this however, the tracks I feel are my worst are usually my most well received! One thing I like to do (and this might be vaguely related to this question lol), is to look back and reflect on my tracks individually. I enjoy the fact that each track takes me back to how I was feeling, or what I was going through, when I wrote it. I believe the music reflects those times, and emotions too.

Releasing anything soon? What are your plans for 2013?
I’m working on tracks for a release right now with the Soulection family. The date on that is TBA for now (sometime 2013 though). My other plans for this year are just to keep writing, growing sonically, playing gigs whenever possible, and spreading love :)

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Source: SoundCloud / DAILON